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Zambia-Project : Set-up of a private International University of Mana

Due to the invitations both of Zambian investors and the Zambian Government Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Gehrmann visited Lusaka from 10 - 16 July, 2015. The intended new University should be developed and operated based on the positive experiences of the set-up of Steinbeis University Berlin. The construction phase will start in August 2015. The teaching and research programme shall begin in winter semester 2015. In the picture a MoU is signed between Peter Nkhoma as the main investor and Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Gehrmann.
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New Seminars and industrial visit tours with AHK-Tehran

On June, 16th and 17th 2015, two meetings took place in Bremen between Amir Alizadeh -Deputy managing director of German-Iranian Chamber of Industry and Dr. Reza Malek Mohammadi in his capacity as vice director of the IGCG. Both parties discussed the on-going activities on training and consulting. The planned training seminars in Tehran as well as the industrial visits in Germany will be announced shortly. Legend says that if you hold the front two legs of the donkey of the Bremen town musicians, it will bring you good luck for the whole year!
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On June, 13th and 14th 2015 negotiations referring a close cooperation took place in Berlin between Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Gehrmann - Director of the Steinbeis Institute for Global Consulting and Government - and Peter Nkhomo in his capacity as CEO of Exact Spares Ltd. in Lusaka, Zambia. A branch will be set-up in Lusaka headed by Peter Nkhomo. The office will focus on both Training and Technology Transfer with special reference to Mining, Construction and Agriculture. The next meeting will take place in July 2015, when Prof. Gehrmann will stay in Lusaka for approx. 5 days. The meeting was initiated by Hartmut Goepfert (CEO of ibt-Technologies, Berlin), who is successfully cooperating with Peter Nkhomo since a long time.
2015-06-15 20:14:02

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