Steinbeis University Berlin
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  • Mission Statement

    The ongoing trend to "Digital Age" is irreversible. The consequences are relevant both to decision makers in public/ private entities and to citizens. There is a permanently growing awareness of all target groups concerning the necessity for an early detection of the forthcoming trends/ perspectives in Digital Age and Technology. Due to the increasing demand of Governments and companies, the Steinbeis Institute "Global Consulting and Government" has executed a lot of activities both in Germany and in countries of the European Union, East Europe, MENA-Countries, Africa and Far East.
  • Portfolio

    The Institute's portfolio is focusing mainly the following business activities:

    Training (group-based + Skype supported face-to-face-meetings)
    Lectures (class-room based + Skype-supported)
    Study Tours
    Sector-specific projects
  • Selected Projects

    The following selected list of executed projects gives a small impression concerning the content and the scope of possible projects:

    Smart Service World and Digital Lifecycle-Management of products
    Projections and trends in "Third-Place-Working" for employees in the sector "construction and architecture"
    Methods of Early warning systems in technology trends
    Methods and tools for integrating products, processes and services
    Perspectives of healthcare systems engineering in Digital Age
    Smart "smart follow-up support service" in medical engineering
    Digital Business transformation, exemplified for SME trading firms
    Internet-of-things in local infrastructure engineering
    Roadmap on the "Go" from Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.0 for SMEs
    "Bridge Organisation" for identifying new technology trends
    Pilot study "From the idea towards implementable High-Technology", exemplified for mechanical engineering industry
    Early detection of innovation- and technology-trends in times of ongoing modernisation and restructuring in emerging African countries
    Steering tools of an innovation policy in Kazakhstan's ongoing restructuring process
    Tools and recommendations for identifying typical technology leaps (= leap-frogging) processes
    Concept of Technology Scouting for an East European Country concerning innovative railway-systems (as an example for technology leap)
    Concept of Technology Scouting for an African country concerning modernisation of the agricultural sector based on medium and used technology
    Challenges and roadmap of African emerging countries concerning capacity building on the "Go" to Digital Age
    Smart learning- and training-settings in Digital Age for unskilled and illiterates (predominantly by audio-visual tools) based on the "SAVIMAST"-Concept = smart + audio + visual + interactive + mobile + App-supported + Skype-based + TeamViewer-assisted