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  • Guiding Principles

    The Institute for Global Consulting and Government (IGCG) offers a wide range of scientifically-based qualification and training courses which truly respond to the challenges of the modern business world.

    During the practice oriented transfer of knowledge, competencies and expertise, the participants of the courses receive actual information about technological developments, changes of the markets, political conditions and social requirements. The qualification courses take place in Germany as well as in the home countries of the clients.

    Some of the elements of the courses are interactive teaching, cooperative learning, collaborative learning, case studies, e-learning, coaching, interactive web-based training/mentoring, excursions/visitation/inspection of high-tech companies.

    Target groups of the qualification courses are decision makers, experts and trainers from private economy as well as governmental organisations and public administration.

  • Subjects and Concepts

    The IGCG offers qualification courses which deal with the technological trends, market developments and the required management instruments. The courses are conducted for instance in the following target industries and service sectors:

    Oil, gas and chemical industries
    Renewable energies such as solar- and wind energy, biomass and fuel cells
    Maintenance and repair as key factors for sustainable investment- and innovation politics
    Public administration
    Agriculture and forestry
    Information- and communication technologies
    Maintenance, repair and service of automobiles
    Water- and waste-water management, gas and water supply, pipeline and canalization construction

    The professional matters of the courses are covered in cooperation with leading training institutes in various areas of expertise.

  • Training Courses

    Over the past 40 years Steinbeis Conglomerate has executed approximately 8000 training courses in various fields and countries. The Steinbeis Institute for Global Consulting and Government (IGCG) has successfully performed in the last 15 years almost 350 training courses.

    Based on clients’ individual requirements, the duration of these courses is between 2 days and 3 months. The most common duration of a course is one week. On clients’ demand many training course are complemented and supported by excursions, visitations and inspections. All training courses can be offered in Germany or as in-house-training in clients’ companies.

    List of selected and executed training courses:

    Management and Leadership
    Innovation and Management
    Oil-, Gas- and Petrochemistry
    Future of Automotive Industry
    Renewable Energy and Energy
    Electronics and IT incl. ICT
    Agronomics/ Forestry and Pasture Economy
    Outsourcing, MBO and Spin-Offs
    Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)
    Center of Technology, Innovation and Business Incubator
    Maintenance and Repair Management
    Decision-making in MEGA-Cities
    Early detecting of technology trends
    Perspectives of Digi-Techno-Preneuership
    On the "Go" to Digital Age
    Assessment of innovation and technology
  • Study Tours

    The Steinbeis Institute for Global Consulting and Government (IGCG) arranges, organises and executes study tours in Germany for foreign delegations and expert groups.

    Typically, a Study Tour is compiled for the client’s specific subject and offers knowledge from research, development, production and application. Study Tours usually include excursions, visitations and inspections of companies/ projects etc. The most common duration of Study Tours is 7 – 10 days with usually 12 and 20 participants.

    In the past 15 years the IGCG has executed approximately 50 Study Tours for participants from all over the world on/for the following topics and target groups:

    Oil, Gas and petrochemistry
    Automotive and machine industry
    Nanotechnology in construction industry
    Renewable energy
    Waste and disposal management
    Hospital Management
    Anaesthesiology and intensive medicine
    Recycling technologies and management
    Certification, CE support and auditing in European Union
    Early detection of forest fires and earthquakes
    Management in metropolises
    Hotel and tourism management
    Trends in technology and early leap-frogging identification
    Teaching and learning techniques in digital age
    From internet of things to internet of services (“Industry 4.0”)
    Robots in digital age
  • Online and Interactive Web-based Training

    Due to the rapid development over the last years in IT the training-/ coaching-/mentoring-packages were expanded by the method of online and interactive web-based training.

    Scope of Design

    Based on the client’s demand, the training can be designed as:

    Individual training
    Group-based training
    MOOC-supported training
    Worldwide company-internal training
    Face-to-Face Meeting

    Fields of Applications

    There interactive web-based training can be utilized for a wide range of applications, such as:

    Exchange of experience with internal and external experts
    Remote technical mistake management
    Remote maintenance and repair
    Remote installation of new machines/equipment
    Remote initial skill adapting training


    The fee for each project in online and interactive web-based training is mainly dependent from the required time.